Laura and Jordan

Travel | Leisure

Laura and Jordan were living in the southeast United States when Jordan’s employer offered him a fantastic opportunity to move to France for two years. They had dreams of traveling throughout Europe and spending their weekends in different destinations. They moved to France two weeks before the entire country went into lockdown due to COVID-19. Then, they spent three months living out of suitcases with clothes packed for the wrong season in an Airbnb. After being allowed outside for only one hour a day within 1km of their apartment, they have embraced their newfound freedom. They are taking advantage of every moment to explore Europe while living abroad. You can find them taking planes, trains, or the COVID-19 friendly way (in a car) to new places on the weekends.

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What we love


  • Clemson football
  • Photography
  • Waterfalls
  • Hiking
  • Iced coffee and cold brew
  • Craft beer (sours!)
  • Microsoft Excel


  • UGA football
  • Writing
  • Mountains
  • Skiing
  • Vanilla lattes
  • Red wine
  • Creating things