Col du Morgonnet

We completed the Col du Morgonnet hike in September 2020. The trailhead is located about 40 minutes from Gap, France in Pontis.

Our original plan was to follow the Col du Morgonnet trail outlined on AllTrails, but realized the person had made the hike way more difficult than needed. The hike to the top of the Col du Morgonnet can vary depending on the starting point, and we cut off about three kilometers of the hike by driving to a different parking area. Yes, I know the point of the hike is to actually hike, but this person was just walking along the road. Not too scenic!

On the hike, there were two directions to go for the loop trail. By going left, we would be met with a steep incline to the top. By going right, the elevation increase would not be as dramatic and would be a little smoother. We went right on the loop trail! This meant our descent was steep; but we had trekking poles to help stabilize our footing.

We were met with fresh snow on the peaks of the mountains from the storm the evening before. The area was already beautiful, but the snow added an extra layer of beauty and complexion. The Col du Morgonnet hike provided us beautiful panoramic views of the French Alps and surrounding valley. Autumn had just started and the leaves on the trees had not started to change yet. At one point, we were welcomed by the sounds of cows grazing on grass with their bells ringing as they walked.

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