Carcassonne, France

We visited Carcassonne in June 2020 on our way home from Toulouse. Carcassonne is about an hour from Toulouse and a perfect way to break up the drive back to Lyon. The city is perched high on a hilltop and is most famous for its old part of town, Cité de Carcassonne, an old medieval city.

The city is best known for its double fortress walls that were built to protect the city. Today, it’s on the UNESCO list of world heritage sites. The biggest surprise was went we went to go check out a bridge and found a goat farm with a ton of baby goats frolicking around!

We spent the afternoon exploring the city, but the majority of the stores were kitschy tourist shops. The shops sold a ton of medieval clothes and toys for kids. There was even a shirt with Cinderella on it that said “Queen of Carcassonne”! Tourist shops aside, it was wonderful to walk around the grounds of the old city and try and imagine what life used to be like hundreds of years ago in its prime.

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