“Why Aren’t You Headed Home?”

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We’ve had a few people reach out to us and I wanted to update everyone on how we are doing with the Coronavirus pandemic in France. We are in a region where there are some cases, but the majority of cases are outside of the region we are in.

Last weekend, we were out and about in Lyon. We went to a few of the fresh markets, rented bikes to explore the city, and explored some of the touristy sites. We were around a ton of people. The markets and the city were full of life with people going about their normal routines. There were a few people wearing masks, but for the most part no one seemed too worried.

At the beginning of the week, Jordan’s company started taking every employee’s temperature as they arrived at work each morning to make sure they were well enough to go in the office. By the end of the week, Jordan’s company made the announcement that they will work from home indefinitely, and he saw many people at the train station with their large monitors prepping to work from home.

I traveled to the U.K. for work this week as part of the transition to my new role. The airports were bustling and my flights were completely full both ways. On the way back to France on Thursday evening, border control asked me, “why are you not trying to head home? Shouldn’t you be trying to get back into the US before the travel ban goes into place?”. I think that’s when it really hit me, we live in France now and this is our “home”. The biggest concern for me was making it back into France before they closed their borders, which they still not have made a decision on. My trip next week to Belgium has been canceled and I plan to work from home instead of going into a coworking space for the next few weeks to avoid groups of people. Our apartment will now be a coworking space for the both of us (hello, lunch buddy!).

The schools are closed on France for six weeks, gatherings are now limited to 100 people or less, but public transportation will continue. We are making sure to sanitize our apartment and anything else we touch frequently. We have not stocked up on food or supplies, and will continue to buy things from our local grocery store as needed.

We are currently en route to Bordeaux for a weekend with friends and sunshine and will continue to update everyone as the situation changes. Our flight tonight is full, and most people still don’t seem concerned. The important thing is that we are safe together in France, currently healthy, and are staying positive during this time.

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4 thoughts on ““Why Aren’t You Headed Home?”

  1. Laura, Thanks for this update. It’s a relief to hear that you and Jordan are doing well inspite of this pandemic. It’s super scary hearing all this news and upset across the world! I pray you both have continued blessings of health and safety while you make France your home away from home. Miss seeing you and our talks. The blog looks nice, and is a great tool for keeping us up-to-date on your adventure. Again good to hear things are going in your favor, and you are enjoying Lyon!

    Christy Tribble

  2. This is a great update Laura! So glad that you are Jordan and doing well. Also, how cool of you to be writing this on the way to Bordeaux, talk about French! I can see it how, window seat in the train, wearing black, cool sunglasses and writing away…. or it could have been nothing like that at all. (Just let me live vicariously through you). Can’t wait to hear more!!!!

    1. Hey Courtney! I just learned how to reply to comments :). I wish I could say that’s EXACTLY how it was, but we were on a plane and I was typing on my phone. I’ll try to channel my inner coolness next time I can write… or travel! Maybe I’ll have to change the name of the blog.. Instead of planes and trains… couches and champagne.

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