Our Journey to Become Fluent in French

As aspiring francophiles, Jordan and I are arguably in the best position to learn French. The hardest part is already done! By moving to France, we have immersed ourselves in the French language and culture. Or immersed ourselves as much as we can, following the constantly changing COVID restrictions. Our friends ask us if we … Continue reading Our Journey to Become Fluent in French

Establishing French Residency: Part Two

We are officially French residents! The process of establishing our French residency took seven months, but we finally made it to the end. Read about our latest adventure with the France administration below. If you haven't read part one of our journey, check it out. We received temporary residency cards at our first prefecture appointment in … Continue reading Establishing French Residency: Part Two

Expat Update: Living in France for Six Months

Jordan reminded me that yesterday was an important milestone on our expat journey. We have lived as American expats in France for six months. Can you believe it? Exactly a year ago, last August, we took a trip to Switzerland. On that trip, we visited Lyon for a day so Jordan could show me around. … Continue reading Expat Update: Living in France for Six Months

Traveling In a Pandemic

After an amazing 16 days, our trip to Norway has come to an end. We enjoyed trading our tank tops and shorts for cooler weather that required down jackets and gloves. In the past two weeks on our trip, we have experienced the following while traveling during a pandemic: fifteen different hotels, seven flights, six … Continue reading Traveling In a Pandemic

Your Package Can’t Be Delivered

The rush of when you hit the 'buy now' option online, and the purchase goes through. The relief when you get the confirmation email that they've received your order. The eagerness when you receive the tracking number that your item has shipped. The anticipation you feel seeing that your package is out for delivery, or … Continue reading Your Package Can’t Be Delivered

Establishing Residency

Jordan and I had our prefecture appointment last week. This appointment was the biggest step towards establishing residency in France. We had already gone through a long process to get our visas approved prior to moving to France. However, we also have to establish residency within the first three months of arriving (whoops, little late … Continue reading Establishing Residency