curfew in france

Living With a Curfew in France

The pandemic is raging on in France. News outlets remind us of the grim situation. Confirmed cases are higher than they should be, a third lockdown is looming, and vaccinations are delayed. The death count is high, and the number of beds available in hospitals is decreasing. Each day, we are required to be in … Continue reading Living With a Curfew in France

A COVID Christmas Season

According to Jordan, "it's not Christmas until Hans Gruber falls from Nakatomi plaza." So to officially kick off the Christmas season in the Shane household, we watched the movie Die Hard. If you aren't familiar with the thirty-two-year-old movie, let's break it down. The story follows John McClane, a police officer who decides to visit his wife … Continue reading A COVID Christmas Season

Expat Update: Living in France for Six Months

Jordan reminded me that yesterday was an important milestone on our expat journey. We have lived as American expats in France for six months. Can you believe it? Exactly a year ago, last August, we took a trip to Switzerland. On that trip, we visited Lyon for a day so Jordan could show me around. … Continue reading Expat Update: Living in France for Six Months