The Second Wave in France

Last night, French president Macron spoke about new coronavirus restrictions. He confirmed that France was in the second wave of the virus, as predicted around this time. In the Spring, the virus was only circulating widely in Paris and a couple of other regions. Now, the virus is spreading throughout the entirety of France.  So, … Continue reading The Second Wave in France

Au Revoir, Summer in France

After a difficult few months in lockdown, Summer brought a nice reprieve from the rigid Coronavirus restrictions in France. Borders, restaurants, and hotels opened up and allowed us the opportunity to travel. We spent most of our Summer weekends in France exploring a new city or nearby town. We were lucky enough to travel within … Continue reading Au Revoir, Summer in France

Experience the Tour de France

Surprise post! To commemorate the last day of the Tour de France, I want to share how we experienced it for the first time. Stage 14 of the Tour de France came through Lyon last weekend. This stage started in Clermont-Ferrand and ended right in the heart of Lyon. The cyclists would travel 194 kilometers … Continue reading Experience the Tour de France

Traveling In a Pandemic

After an amazing 16 days, our trip to Norway has come to an end. We enjoyed trading our tank tops and shorts for cooler weather that required down jackets and gloves. In the past two weeks on our trip, we have experienced the following while traveling during a pandemic: fifteen different hotels, seven flights, six … Continue reading Traveling In a Pandemic

Your Package Can’t Be Delivered

The rush of when you hit the 'buy now' option online, and the purchase goes through. The relief when you get the confirmation email that they've received your order. The eagerness when you receive the tracking number that your item has shipped. The anticipation you feel seeing that your package is out for delivery, or … Continue reading Your Package Can’t Be Delivered