Dreaming of a White Christmas Vacation

Our Christmas vacation has officially commenced! We decided not to go home this year but knew we wanted to get out of Lyon. Initially, our plan was a white Christmas ski vacation, but France and a few other countries kept resorts closed until after the new year. Our next option was to go back to … Continue reading Dreaming of a White Christmas Vacation

Fondue for Two: Our Spontaneous Switzerland Trip

If you look up the definition of a trip planner in the dictionary, you'll see Jordan's picture next to it. We are textbook planners, sometimes planning our longer trips down to the hour. But COVID has brought out a sort of whimsy in both of us. We don't have the luxury to plan in advance … Continue reading Fondue for Two: Our Spontaneous Switzerland Trip

Déjà vu? France is Back in Lockdown

It happened. After months of President Macron repeating that France will avoid a lockdown at all costs, we are back to this point. The second lockdown begins today. On Wednesday night, we tuned in with the rest of France to learn our fate. Macron was planning to speak to the nation on the current COVID … Continue reading Déjà vu? France is Back in Lockdown

Venice of the Alps

We are becoming quite the weekend warriors. Some locals have told us we will know France better than they do by the end of our expat journey. On Fridays, after Jordan finishes work, we depart for our next destination. With the new curfew in Lyon starting that weekend, it made the decision easy to leave. … Continue reading Venice of the Alps

Chasing After Fall Foliage

I don't know about you, but Fall is my favorite time of year. Cold nights and crisp air start to fill the air. Oversized sweaters come out from the back of the closet. Warm blankets now have a permanent place on our couch. Trees begin to change from green to vibrant shades of orange and … Continue reading Chasing After Fall Foliage

The Second Wave in France

Last night, French president Macron spoke about new coronavirus restrictions. He confirmed that France was in the second wave of the virus, as predicted around this time. In the Spring, the virus was only circulating widely in Paris and a couple of other regions. Now, the virus is spreading throughout the entirety of France.  So, … Continue reading The Second Wave in France

The Making of a Full-Time Blogger

I set a goal for myself. I told Jordan that if I could make $1.00 on my blog in two months, I would like to be a full-time blogger. Jordan was understandably skeptical, but supportive. It's not like I was quitting a job to try this; I was already unemployed! The past two months were … Continue reading The Making of a Full-Time Blogger

Au Revoir, Summer in France

After a difficult few months in lockdown, Summer brought a nice reprieve from the rigid Coronavirus restrictions in France. Borders, restaurants, and hotels opened up and allowed us the opportunity to travel. We spent most of our Summer weekends in France exploring a new city or nearby town. We were lucky enough to travel within … Continue reading Au Revoir, Summer in France

Establishing French Residency: Part Two

We are officially French residents! The process of establishing our French residency took seven months, but we finally made it to the end. Read about our latest adventure with the France administration below. If you haven't read part one of our journey, check it out. We received temporary residency cards at our first prefecture appointment in … Continue reading Establishing French Residency: Part Two

Experience the Tour de France

Surprise post! To commemorate the last day of the Tour de France, I want to share how we experienced it for the first time. Stage 14 of the Tour de France came through Lyon last weekend. This stage started in Clermont-Ferrand and ended right in the heart of Lyon. The cyclists would travel 194 kilometers … Continue reading Experience the Tour de France