Why Are Norwegians So Happy?

Stop what you are doing. Close your eyes and take a minute to think about how you are feeling at this exact moment. What was the first thing that came to your mind? Stressed? Sleepy? Joyful? How about happy? And if happy did not come to mind, now think about something that makes you happy. Maybe … Continue reading Why Are Norwegians So Happy?

The Fjords of Western Norway

Today's blog will focus on the second half of our Norway trip through the fjords of western Norway. Warning: this is a long post. Make sure to get comfy before you read it! The second half of our Norway vacation started as we flew from Tromso to Oslo. We had planned nine days to explore … Continue reading The Fjords of Western Norway

The Mythical Moose of Norway and Other Creatures

When traveling in a new country, we are always hyper-aware of the road signs and rules. But we started to see the same signs over and over on our trip. Everywhere we looked, there were road signs warning drivers of animals potentially in the road. But these weren’t general awareness signs; they were highly specific. … Continue reading The Mythical Moose of Norway and Other Creatures

Expat Update: Living in France for Six Months

Jordan reminded me that yesterday was an important milestone on our expat journey. We have lived as American expats in France for six months. Can you believe it? Exactly a year ago, last August, we took a trip to Switzerland. On that trip, we visited Lyon for a day so Jordan could show me around. … Continue reading Expat Update: Living in France for Six Months

Traveling In a Pandemic

After an amazing 16 days, our trip to Norway has come to an end. We enjoyed trading our tank tops and shorts for cooler weather that required down jackets and gloves. In the past two weeks on our trip, we have experienced the following while traveling during a pandemic: fifteen different hotels, seven flights, six … Continue reading Traveling In a Pandemic

“Do You Want a Burger?”

If the Norwegians like one thing, it’s definitely a burger. In the first part of our trip, I unwillingly ate three burgers in as many days. In Svalbard, some of the menus were limited where you could choose from multiple types of burgers but not much else. We also had limited choices at the restaurants … Continue reading “Do You Want a Burger?”

Land of the Polar Bears

Jordan and I set off for Norway on July 31st, arguably one of Lyon's hottest days. The weather was 104 degrees, and we were ready to trade for something a little cooler. Instead of flying out of Lyon, we decided to fly out of Paris to have a direct flight to Norway and limit our … Continue reading Land of the Polar Bears

The City of Love… and Chipotle

Did we take the train to Paris just to eat Chipotle twice in one weekend? I won't say that we went to Paris just for Chipotle, but I won't say that we didn't go just for Chipotle either! Truth be told, a couple of years ago I read how some celebrities flew to Paris for … Continue reading The City of Love… and Chipotle

Establishing Residency

Jordan and I had our prefecture appointment last week. This appointment was the biggest step towards establishing residency in France. We had already gone through a long process to get our visas approved prior to moving to France. However, we also have to establish residency within the first three months of arriving (whoops, little late … Continue reading Establishing Residency